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When you visit my millinery studio based in the heart of Cheshire you will see rolls of millinery materials, trimmings, leathers, lace, feathers, hat blocks and work in progress. Each piece is hand made. With ready to wear hats to purchase, or to discuss a bespoke requirement. This is your time, as it is by appointment only.  If you have specific requirements to match an outfit, please bring it with you. We can match colours, discuss styles and trimmings. If you see something on the website that you would like to purchase, these can be sent worldwide. 

All your special occasions are catered for, weddings, bridal pieces, ladies day etc and I also do work for the film industry.  

Please note that I do not offer “hat hire”. This is a personal choice and down to hygiene. It is not physically possible to “clean” a sinamay type hat, as steam or water ruins the shape of the hat. 


If you decide to have a bespoke piece made, the timescale is approximately 3 – 4 weeks.  This is to allow for ordering specific materials if not held in stock, or to dye to colour match. However, shorter timescales may be possible to accommodate your needs with colours and trimmings held in stock.


Working with we are pleased to offer the following courses. Please note, these courses can only be purchased by visiting their website. We offer the courses as downloadable PDF step by step guides. You can also purchase a bundle which is the course and the required block. Please note, the blocks are made to order.

One to One Courses

One to One Courses are currently cancelled until further notice due to Covid 19 virus. Check back for updates.

Collection for 2020

Womens Hats

Film Work

I’ve had the pleasure of working on the movie – “The Ballad of Lucy Sands”. This is a true story of the murder of a young girl in the 1800’s. Have a look at their website  Steve Baldwin is the director and genius behind this fabulous movie. Under “Partners & Patrons”, you can see the write up about my work.

All the pieces have been handmade here in the studio, with the lead character “Lucy” wearing a hat based on the only surviving photo of her. 

Bridal & Accessories

Looking for the perfect tiara for your special day? Below are just a few of what is available in the Studio. If you are looking for veil combs, or hair vines, we have some pre-made. 

Not all brides want the same. If you are having a themed wedding that isn’t a problem, something perfect can be made just for you! 

We also have a selection of bags and other accessories available.

Winter Queen £69.00
Dainty Flower £25.99
Princess £35.99
Countess £49.00
Gypsy Queen £79.00
Combs from £25.00
Combs from £25.00